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  1. moveforward4 at | | Reply

    About halfway she relates a very emotional story about her grandfather-not surprising she would have dry mouth, true?

  2. Jose01tutter at | | Reply

    This is really good. I have problems however when she mentions about school systems, I know for a fact some teachers wish that some of their students were more introverted, especially since the disruptive ones in classes are extroverted ( so I don't get where she gets her assumption from) . Also schools are not built against introverts quite the opposite, schools would rather have kids that are too themselves and do work w/o question then have outgoing people who learn by doing and creativity.

  3. writersblock26 at | | Reply

    Thank you for posting this, TEDtalksDirector.

  4. Yogita Singh at | | Reply

    That was a fabulous talk, while she spoke i could list a several people who are succesfull in their own ways intelligent. The Funny part was i could place my self anywhere. I might just be an "ambivert" Never knew that was even a word :) great talk . cheers .

  5. dcandleonna at | | Reply

    This is really inspiring and I'm proud to say that i'm an introvert. I'd rather stay home reading books, watching my favorite series marathon, drawing, writing my journal, or watching YouTube instead of going out with friends with no reason but "just to hang out". I mean if someone's having a birthday then I'll go, but if there's no reason then why should i?

  6. LadyAnyk at | | Reply

    This actually made me cry. Beautiful speech and special lady!

  7. maebhatgmail at | | Reply

    Wow it really makes you think. I would say im more extroverted but i do have quite a bit of introvert inside me. In my suitcase there is my phone and my kindle! My phone to keep in touch etc and my kindle to read. I would jist as happily read as i would call someone!

  8. yakisueba at | | Reply

    when i went to japan at age 17, the teachers in my high school all thought i was weird. the japanese people seem to value introversion more than north americans do, but i was still thought strange in japan for being so quiet. they expected the loud, brash stereotype.

  9. missyme1995 at | | Reply

    This made me feel so much better

  10. Supaduck0 at | | Reply

    Introverts are passive aggressive. They often harbor deep resentment and low opinions of extroverts. I don't think they are a better people but they definitely believe they are.

  11. goingplaces11 at | | Reply

    I enjoyed the topic. She seemed like a nice person. Still, you can tell clearly, she is more of an introvert and seemed to lose her train of thought. Times for meditation and solitude are necessary for thought and eventually to build character.

  12. jjholloway23 at | | Reply

    that's a terrible generalization haha. Maybe they just have a low opinion of you

  13. Supaduck0 at | | Reply

    Or maybe introversion is just another word for a low self esteem, passive aggressive elitist moron. Yeah, I'm pretty sure my opinion is right.

  14. kiwimusume at | | Reply

    I found an article about her work at the airport a couple of weeks ago (after a truly shitty morning, too) and it made not only my day but my life. I bought her book and it's made me look back on all those times when I thought I wasn't good enough because I wasn't outgoing enough and realise that I actually offered a lot of good stuff *because* I'm introverted. It's good to realise that the world needs BOTH types of people to function well.

  15. kiwimusume at | | Reply

    Yeah, I only have a low opinion of extroverts who make it clear that they have a low opinion of people like me. The others are fine. :)

  16. homer30 at | | Reply

    Let the extrovert acts what the introvert writes.

  17. babelfish567 at | | Reply

    When I went to college, my dorm room was cramped, and my roommate would bring 2~3 people in the room during the first week. It stressed me out. I wanted my room to be a place where I can re-charge my batteries after class, and I was shocked when my other roommate called me antisocial. I began to hate that word with a PASSION. I didn't believe I was antisocial or awkward; I thought I was funny and sociable when people took the time to know me. Now, I know that it's okay for me to be introverted.

  18. mczion8 at | | Reply

    I like that she received a standing ovation; as an introvert this talk meant a lot.

  19. HamLovesBacon at | | Reply

    Fellow introverts, refuse to unite! Great speech, she raised some really good points. I love me a good book.

  20. searchandprophet at | | Reply

    if you seek the truth in life, google "truth contest" and click the first link. open "The Present" and read what it says. everyone should this. you'll see what i mean when you start the first page.

  21. believeitwillbelived at | | Reply

    I actually agree with most of her speech, but the way she presented it was just terrible.

  22. hopperms at | | Reply

    I see your point but I don't thinking you are seeing the whole picture. Yes, teachers would rather have quieter students, but they do also have a lot of group work. As I'm sure you can imagine, most teachers are extroverts. Many times, they try and develop teaching plans that would be effective even for themselves (aka. their personality types). As an introvert going through grade school, I also felt out of place and tended to do my best alone.

  23. samlps1 at | | Reply

    Wohhhooooooooooo ive finnaly found this :) I am an introvert so :)

  24. MogofWar at | | Reply

    I would wager to say that not only are many of history's great leaders introverts, but that all of our great leaders who are extroverted are actually ambiverts.

  25. magajine at | | Reply

    i am so glad someone agrees that group work should be abolished. gosh i hate group work. yucks.

  26. Duffytoler at | | Reply

    Yeah, she's such an introvert she gives talks in front of thousands of people, chose being an attorney as a profession (speaking in a courtroom), a negotiations consultant (FFS), and is married. More accurately: she thinks it's hip to pretend to be an introvert to get even more attention.

  27. bebeto158 at | | Reply

    Introversion is not shyness, what a moron

  28. trosado1 at | | Reply

    In her book, she actually says that there are introverts who are not shy and extroverts who are shy, so she is aware that introversion does not equal shyness and viceversa.

  29. trosado1 at | | Reply

    I would advise to view this video (because by your comment it seems that you have not watched it) and to read her book. Things are not as black-and-white or either/or as your post makes it out to be.

  30. sporeguy99 at | | Reply

    When I was in 8th grade you'd get assigned a grade for your participation and attitude in class. At the beggening of the school year in my math class my math teacher marked me down in both participation and attitude since I was always quite and I had the biggest poker face. But towards the end of the year my teacher could see the value in my work ethic and grades and he did everything he could to advance me to an advanced math class during the last half of the year.

  31. alindkvist118 at | | Reply

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat

  32. alindkvist118 at | | Reply

    Randomness has created all life

  33. alindkvist118 at | | Reply

    Reading a book is still a conversation or dialog, but the author is only able to answer questions if he is still alive

  34. 0326hkim at | | Reply

    It seems like you're the one that think people like you are better than others just because everyone else is different from you. You're the arrogant, ignorant one here. You're probably racist too, am I correct? You were probably served by so many introverts recently, and you will continue to be served from introverts in the future. Don't look down on people just because they're different. I thought your mom taught you that?

  35. Supaduck0 at | | Reply

    I guess I'm approaching this too negatively. I don't think introverts are bad people. I just get a vibe from a lot of them that they don't like extroverts. I think that goes against the principle of live and let live. If you wanna be quiet, that's fine, but don't down-talk me just because I'm loud. We don't need to hang out. But if we're in the same spot, I don't need you telling me to be quiet or giving out vibes, which I find happens a lot when I'm near introverts.

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