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  1. needs2know1 at | | Reply

    My first thought is, wow I bet she wears those glasses so people take her seriously. She's so cute!

  2. needs2know1 at | | Reply

    Cute women who are smart are so rare!

  3. swushey at | | Reply

    Success in academia or business does not necessarily result in happiness. Optimism bias may help us get that promotion, but that doesn't mean we're happy.

  4. Kuba022 at | | Reply

    Post Nick Hanauer's TED Talk, you hypocrites!

  5. brayden647 at | | Reply

    the whole "kissing" theory is a little off. for example, what if they were asked on a tuesday or wednesday? welll in 3 days its the weekend so theyll wait for the weekend. or maybe they had a test the next day. or maybe the girls thought they looked ugly that day...too many outlying factors to be concluded a successful survey

  6. Panpiper at | | Reply

    True, success does not guarantee happiness. It is a pretty fair bet though that failure results in unhappiness, not to mention the possibility of starvation only avoided by a job at McDonalds.

  7. scottstounge at | | Reply

    Moral of the story: Penguins are a bird therefore they should fly, but do not...bring a parachute!

  8. iReturnV1deotapes at | | Reply

    Regarding the kiss, the optimist has three days to look forward to the kiss, but also has to suffer from anxiety of whether they will achieve a long lasting impression on the celebrity, whereas the pessimist would be pleasantly surprised by the gesture and wouldn't care if it's a bad kiss or not because they weren't expecting it anyway. How could this escape her?

  9. LunarFurorGames at | | Reply

    so... Being non-realistic is better for you. FML.

  10. alienkishorekumar at | | Reply

    you are totally misunderstanding stuff

  11. 88Keyz102 at | | Reply

    The problem with putting "in my opinion" in front of a falsifyable statement is that it's FACT related & opinions are obsolete. Thats the same as saying "in my opinion, the sun is dark". Your opinion doesnt matter because we can demonstrate if the sun is dark or bright, the same as to what "most" men or women do. Opinions on falsifyable factual claims makes no sense. So... ahem, fuck you. And if you didnt want to waste your time, you shouldnt have made all these responses. Just sayin'...

  12. phoenix0929 at | | Reply

    Get over yourself. I posted an opinion on youtube. You're the one who isn't grounded with a basic knowledge of relationships such as "men are more likely to cheat" and "women prefer verbal communication more than men." And you want me to look it up for you and spell it out. I didn't say I was giving lessons. School yourself. Sounds like it struck a cord and hurt your tender ego. BTW terms such as "dark" and "bright" are subjective! =) Just sayin'...

  13. 88Keyz102 at | | Reply

    Hark! Who goeth out yonder? Is that the sound of someone desperatley trying to ensure me that she doesnt care? The irony... Have we also moved from "opinion" to "basic knowledge"? Hmmmmm... it seems like youre almost interchangable within the same response. I am a psychology major & I would love to read the supposed study on your "basic knowledge" claim... oops, I mean, "opinion". Seems like you arent able to make a decision.Re-read what you just wrote & marinate on what you just said.

  14. phoenix0929 at | | Reply

    My opinion is BASED on common knowledge most people have about male/female relationships... in earlier comments you were debating the basic premises of my opinion. You're obviously a pych major fail. Now here I am explaining English to you... =p I give up and tire of playing with children. Whatever you write next - you win, oh mighty ego! You're so smart and superior! Hope that helps you sleep better at night. Peace out.

  15. wavepad4 at | | Reply

    Because most optimists wouldn't have that anxiety. They would believe they would make a long lasting impression regardless, thus they don't worry about it. The pessimist would be the one with anxiety and would rather have the kiss right now so they don't over think it within the three days.

  16. iReturnV1deotapes at | | Reply

    But the pessimist wouldn't have anxiety over it BECAUSE it's over now and they wouldn't have to worry about it for three days. It's the anticipation itself that creates that anxiety. Thus a pessimist wouldn't have it, an optimist would.

  17. wavepad4 at | | Reply

    I'm curious to know why you think the optimists would have anxiety in the first place. They wouldn't because they are optimists. So the optimists chooses three days because they can enjoy the anticipation without the anxiety. The anticipation only creates anxiety for the pessimists, which is why they choose immediately.

  18. iReturnV1deotapes at | | Reply

    Unless you're insinuating that every optimist doesn't get nervous over something like this, everyone gets anxiety. I find it hard to believe that optimists never have a single doubt in their mind about themselves. That doesn't have anything to do with optimism or pessimism, that's just common emotion. But if you believe they don't, then we'll have to agree to disagree.

  19. 88Keyz102 at | | Reply

    "common knowledge most people have about male/female relationships..."How do you know how "most" relationships are? How is this "common knowledge"? You didnt go house to house conducting surveys so how the fuck do YOU know? Not to mention you switch from opinion to knowlege too often. PICK ONE! Guard yourself with the childish "haha, I get the last word!" rhetoric if you must. But learn that 1- opinions arent for falsifyable claims, only facts &2- generalities arent common knowledge.

  20. anticosmopolitan at | | Reply

    What's with the orthopedic shoes and eyeglasses?

  21. GreatMadnessFilms at | | Reply

    Men aren't more likely to cheat at all. Women are just better at lying about it. There have been studies.

  22. joe5k at | | Reply

    by the end of the video, this female seemed really attractive than the beginning. How?

  23. DanBoots420 at | | Reply

    Only a faggot would be anxious about some celebrity, you must all be Americans. Everything she said is accurate, and she already considered every single point you idiots are arguing. So stop making yourselves look stupid and admit that this blonde is waaaaaay smarter than anyone you've met.

  24. DanBoots420 at | | Reply

    I want her brain

  25. alPhaZERO713 at | | Reply

    ...all that just to prove that we're more positive than negative? Really? Are there not much, MUCH better things to put time and research into? Apparently not.

  26. nomaed at | | Reply

    We can call it optimism, or we can call it wishful thinking.

  27. BleueDeLaRue at | | Reply

    When I get married I'm going to say the chance of divorce is 0% likelihood. But that's only so that my wife won't fucking kill me.

  28. ForTheEpicFail at | | Reply

    shes hot...and smart...and hotter cause she's smart

  29. businessman4321 at | | Reply

    That whole 17mins 41 seconds in 8 words. HOPE FOR THE BEST, PREPARE FOR THE WORST. 😀

  30. anabahiana at | | Reply

    The translation is not correct.

  31. toop2star at | | Reply

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