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    even if you check the box in austria, you still donate your organs, if you die in a hospital. this is regulated by law. now, i feel kind a good boy... nice greets from austria 😉 holadrio

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    Can you explain fully what you mean when you say "wealthy and politically powerful easily steal from you"?

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    You said that not everyone can freely print money, which leads me to believe I'm correct when I assert that those that can are the wealthy and politically powerful. So wouldn't you call it 'stealing wealth' when these people create money out of thin air, with interest attached, and use it to buy goods and services from the rest of us without having to first sell some goods and services to us? Isn't it basically just legalized counterfeiting?

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    Also remember what was my first post. To properly understand my questions you need to properly understand money, what it is and how it originally came about and what economic role it's suppose to fulfill and what properties constitute a good money.

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    This guy is out of touch with reality. Banks set a non fixed rate mortages. Even if you played your house payment on time, they raised the payment to double or triple what it was initally. People lost their house due to the banks predatory lending. Sure some bought houses that they couldn't afford but many were scammed into non fixed rate mortgages that the bank made it so they couldn't afford it after 3 years.

  6. jonostilla at | | Reply

    Way to fixate on a comment made at the beginning and missing the point.

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    I work with seniors every day and the biggest problem is they saved for so long they don't know how to distribute their money efficiently. they leave it in the market and let it drop and worry.

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    be vewy vewy quiet...

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    I'm hunting wabbits...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Wait a minute, this guy is talking about social security... Shouldn't the goverment already be doing this? This already exist in Europe to finance our retirement and hour senior health.

  11. hapsap at | | Reply

    This was a hard talk to watch. Somehow I can't take people who pronounce the R as a W seriously. But I sat through it and found it very interesting.

  12. MonkeyKong21 at | | Reply

    wascwy wabbit

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    I wike to think I'm a good whisk taker. I don't pway the lottewy, I save for my wetiewment and I weally wove my chiwdwen so I have wots of wife insuwance, that's not insuwance on my other hawf, it's insuwance so I can weave a wittaw bit to my kids if I weave this Eawth.

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    this video has nothing to do with wabbits

  15. PersonalPariah at | | Reply

    Very good talk, very insightful.But I still grinned at "pwocwastination".I'm sorry...

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    >Go to TED.com>See video I want to watch>Potato quality>Find same video on YouTube>Watch like a normal human being in 480p

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    so he's saying we are whisky takers?

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    What is wrong with living the present and not save for a tomorrow that might come or not, that might bring money loss or not ?

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    got a friend. makes slightly less then twice as me. works more then twice as much. never has any money. i on the other hand........

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    The Federal Reserve also discourages saving by price fixing interest rates at 0%. Saving is like dieting it is hard and people put it off, they promise they will start tomorrow, after this bag of chips, at new years, always next time etc You have to start NOW. You cant wait until you are 900 lbs before starting to diet or wait until a week before retirement to decide to save.

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    Nothing per se but that tomorrow will come and then the people that didn't prepare tend to demand the fruits of the people who worked hard, saved and prepared. Also less people saving and investing = less risk taking and by proxy innovation and wealth for everybody in the system.

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    Or wibbons

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