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  1. Disturbed763 at | | Reply

    Blaming a pastime like videogames or porn is essentially blaming the men themselves for a lack of self control or ambition. Feminism blames society in general (particularly women, but all of society has allowed the gender equality wars to reach this point), and the men are not directly blamed for their behavior. They/we don't have much decision in how women behave.Sure, not all women are this way - that would be absurd to believe. Nonetheless, my desire for an emotional relationship has died.

  2. umadbrah1000 at | | Reply

    After watching this and Gary Wilson's talk all I have to say is: Welp, time to delete these 125 GB of porn from my hard drive.

  3. p0th3adny at | | Reply

    >implying I don't lead an avid social life

  4. joolte at | | Reply

    feminist propaganda, cant believe people take this shit seriously

  5. metalmario128 at | | Reply

    >implying you do

  6. Menegoth at | | Reply

    1) It's sex, not gender. learn the difference2) Juvenile insults are not a refutation.

  7. shivercraft at | | Reply

    Women's roles in business, education, and relationships change drastically over the past 50 years. Did they think that men's roles would remain static?

  8. bsmithonbass at | | Reply

    The pinnacle of our existence is not realized in a marriage relationship, as Dr. Zimbardo and the whole of popular culture would have you believe. When you measure the worth of an individual by their relationship status, your evaluation can be greatly distorted.

  9. wackinstack at | | Reply

    You're a fucking idiot.1.)"gender" was used in implication of the speakers status as a member of the masculine sex. You did not understand this. You're a fucking idiot.2.)Insults work. For example: You're a fucking idiot. And as for refutation, my words to this whack job are indeed appropriate. His research is biased, he's a mangina(look that up) and he's fucking ridiculous. I'd love to see his "research". -it's probably finger painted in menstrual blood.p.s.You're a fucking idiot. =P

  10. Menegoth at | | Reply

    More pathetic insults and no arguments. Yeah, I'm totally the idiot here.

  11. wackinstack at | | Reply

    The argument is that he's a hack and his research is bullshit. The guy wants attention, you might as well be watching reality t.v.You're passive-aggressive, an idiot and cynical. -That's not an insult. That's true. You are a fucking idiot. It's only an insult if you take it as derogatory in meaning. But my intention is to make you realize you're a pathetic, whiny, shit-brained-cunt. So that you know what you are. And I hope you do change. But you won't. Why? Because you're a fucking idiot.

  12. Menegoth at | | Reply

    "The argument is that he's a hack and his research is bullshit"Saying it doesn't make it so, dumb shit. Give evidence. yawn. it's like talking to a child. you know what, fuck it. I'm not even trying anymore.

  13. srgpepper42 at | | Reply

    So, what, is it wrong to be a nerd? I never liked Zimbardo so I'm definitely biased against him, but I really disagree with what he's saying here. Certainly excessive gaming and internet use can lead to social withdrawal, but that's an extreme case, and does not apply to the majority of men (or boys). I agree with other commenters that say that these "causes" that Zimbardo puts forth are actually effects of a changing social structure. Things change, some people change more than others.

  14. SteezySkater72 at | | Reply

    Where are his resources? Oh wait, it's a powerpoint, it must be accurate.

  15. NEDM404 at | | Reply

    Relationships seem less appealing when you see that over half of marriages end in divorce, doesn't sound like the life i want to live.

  16. MikeCampo at | | Reply

    Yeah because most of them are children.

  17. Flossyllp at | | Reply

    he has a doctorate in pyschology you moron

  18. jamaldeemer at | | Reply

    great, Zimbardo. alarm me and then don't tell me the solution. =/

  19. joojoojuice at | | Reply

    who wouldn't want to be miserable for 1-10 years and then lose half their stuff. you'd be crazy not to want that!

  20. eiaboca at | | Reply

    You're a fucking moron.

  21. eiaboca at | | Reply

    Zimbardo just drops a bunch of meaningless statistics and tries to turn it into some meaningful thesis. How many people are dropping out, total? Where's the context? And social science just doesn't work the way he's claiming. Gangs are proof of men ALWAYS preferring male company? What? WTF is he talking about? No causal chains, no proof. No brain scans, no scientific process. A bunch of BUNK, masquerading as science.

  22. flyingchimp99 at | | Reply

    Statistics are all that he needs. They are the most powerful proof you can give. Besides he said it himself. Its not his job to see why its happening and how to fix it. He is just saying that it is happening.

  23. Tman102792 at | | Reply

    Actually the man has a point. When presenting a theory you need to provide evidence for it and citations that show of where you got that evidence.

  24. Carlordau at | | Reply

    And he's not just some random doctor of psychology either. You'll find his name located in every Intro Psych book that is made these days.

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