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    @AutodidacticPhdI didn't miss the point, I simply didn't comment on the point. I commented on what I thought was the LESS obvious point that people seem to be in the habit of mocking people who, despite doing things that obviously reduce credibility, have not forfeited the respect due them as leaders. That's all I'm getting at.And I'm not sure what you think you know about me know from a couple YouTube comments, anyway, but let's just move on w/ our lives.

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    I went to some good schools so the rest is just continuing education. It's sad that there are so many poor schools.

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    If I ever get really famous I'll sell my excrement on Ebay.

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    i will never claim that i've read enough. learning never stops. but at some point you begin to have your point of view and critisise the world and events around you by your criteria. the nazis (and please correct me if i'm wrong) imagined a world were only their race(the aryan race) would exist. that seems to me a bit selfish. I, on the other hand, imagine a world were everyone can live in peace and be equal, regardless of their race, colour, or anything that separates them.

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    well no that's not correct and is the result of propaganda..Hitler didn't want a world war, that's a fact. All he wanted to do was reverse the Versailes Treaty to re-Arm Germany to their normal capacity. Expand it's borders to pre-1914 zones and become the manufacturing centre of Europe which is why the AutoBahn was started. He also wanted to remove Jewish (zionist) influence from Banking and politics in Germany. There's a lot people don't know.

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    i find your last comment a bit cynical. there are much better ways to 'remove bad influences' than a holocaust!! you can't justify the murders of millions of people in the name of manufacture!! and the concentration camps are not a propaganda! they are their to remind all mankind what nazism, fascism and nationalism are capable of... so please don't try to defend ideologies that brought so much pain to the world. at least not here..

  7. michael616joaquin at | | Reply

    Not one person was gassed at any camp. fact

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    Is that Olivia Wilde?

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    17 ppl can suck a dick

  10. shimauma at | | Reply

    What an ugly American accent

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    You have a higher threshold for pain when you're aroused, so you'd have to get her to that point first. Also, it would be advised that one refrain from convincing or coercing anyone to do anything if they're not comfortable with it, regardless of psychological studies. When it comes to sex, that could be referred to sexual assault or rape. Just a thought!

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    He's Canadian.

  13. shimauma at | | Reply

    and if he were Welsh, what an ugly British accent would still apply

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    @jonjescabar what's up with that?

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    Ironically some Van Meegeren forgeries are now more valuable than the originals because he has become such a cult figure.

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    I totally agree with him, we in fact are essentialist, but I would add, we are utterly dumbass essentialists

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    Two comments that even mention the word essentialism in them... yeah, you're all getting a great education here, I'm sure.

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    My two cents and Lacan's take on essentialism: Lacan's object a refers to the object-cause of desire: that which is in the object more than the object and which makes us desire it in the first place. It alludes to the originally lost object (the missing element that would resolve drive and "restore" fulfilment) and, at the same time, functions as an embodiment of lack; as a loss positivised.

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    OMFG, I cant take people on youtube complaining about how little they learned in school, Maybe you shouldnt have been a lazy stoner and paid the fuck some attention. Perhaps you could even comment intelligently on a TED video

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    seriously! hahaha

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    The best example of irony I've ever heard of! LOL! For the first time he discovered that there was evil in this world, lol!

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