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    LIsten, you're obviously not going to change your mind, and i'm obviously not going to change mine. I'm telling you they help because I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Not just with ADD but also with depression, and the psychologist i saw helped more than I had ever imagined. You can say what you want, but i'm telling you, you're wrong. You can't argue with personal experience. I'm not gonna argue with you anymore, but know this: I know how my life's been changed, and it wasn't damaged at all.

  2. caketheory at | | Reply

    Thats not true its just a hypothesis, there is no test to prove you have a chemical imbalance or that its been restored.The reason it works is because you're being drugged so its a bit like giving somebody who's shy some alcohol. Yes the alcohol will help and make them more sociable but thats different to fixing a chemical imbalance.You're being drugged to keep still and fit in but be careful because 10 years of taking ritalin might cause other physical problems like heart attack etc.

  3. TheHumanAb5tract at | | Reply

    How do you know that it isnt true? I'm fairly certain there have been test proving what causes ADHD, or the medicine for it couldnt have been developed. And okay, even if you are right, so long as it fixes the problem, does it truly matter what the root cause is? I don't think so. I am being drugged to be able to focusand fit in (and trust me, it's helped me a ton in school), i don't take ritalin, and i've had heart surgery before which would make it much more difficult to have a heart attack.

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    Try typing on You Tube search engine "The Truth about ADHD from their mouth! " or "ADHD is a myth" and they explain why it isn't true.You say that its helped you fit in a school but if you lived in a country which didn't have compulsory education then you wouldn't need to sit still and stay focused. So you have ADHD because of where you live not because you have an illness.

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    I'm mot going to sarch for that, because we both know that no matter what the subject of debate is, there will always be somebody who wants to prove it wrong. Always. And honestly, I don't think you're right, but even if you are, this argument started over wether psychologists help or hurt people. That being said, regardless of what caused my ADD or whatever, the psychologist I saw helped me out, and to me, that's the bottom line. We're still at a stalemate, this is getting boring, i'm done man.

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    If you are interested in psychology, I have been creating videos on certain topics. You can find the videos at my channel. The videos are for people who are taking classes or for people who are just interested in them.

  7. degreesCelsius at | | Reply

    I've only taken just an introductory course in Psychology in my first year of university and I can tell you that schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ADHD are 3 completely different types of problems.Furthermore, the study of disorders is only a small proportion of what psychology deals with (abnormal psychology). At the heart of the subject, psychology studies how the mind work, using the scientific method.

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    A lot of psychologists are involved in mental health and work along side psychiatrists who drug people with mind altering medication. This is the path many who study psychology will take so lets not try to sweep it under the carpet and pretend its a harmless subject.

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    I got in a fight with a boy at school, it was completely random and I was just a stressed out young man. All of a sudden I had 10 psychyatrists trying to shove a pill up my ass so they could make some money. Don't be a psychyatrist trying to shove a pill up a young man's ass. Can't convince you? Stop trying to read my head, regardless, enjoy your new vase while I digest this pill up my ass.

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    And you can thank the Jews, who disguise themselves as a religion

  11. RawpowerGroudon at | | Reply

    But psychology still won't prevent whatever's causing Autism.... You people talk very highly of psychology as if it has some psychic abilities.

  12. RawpowerGroudon at | | Reply

    The media today is owned by Jews.

  13. RawpowerGroudon at | | Reply

    Everything has a flaw. Psychology is no exception On a much sinister vein, this is most likely how the Jews screw everyone over, Inculcating fear into people's minds as viewers of the Jewish media are busy watching bad accidents.

  14. whicheverwayable at | | Reply

    I think life satisfaction = Positive affect (positivity) + engagement + meaning. He's extended this theory now to include positive relationships & accomplishment.

  15. whicheverwayable at | | Reply

    You know there are differences between what therapists do and what psychological researchers do. A lot of therapists are quacks + there is too many people taking medication (although this can be life saving in many instances), but psychology isn't all about this. Psychology also isn't a pseudo science like many people try and claim. It is fully engaged within the scientific method. It's not as rigid as physics and chemistry granted but this really is beside the point.

  16. Alanadoredor at | | Reply

    because the job of psychology is not to prevent the causes of something that is mainly genetic...that's the job for the genetic department

  17. Metalmagic1992 at | | Reply

    other peoples problems will almost always seem easier with ours worse off

  18. VP89898 at | | Reply

    Aside from the simple fact that we posses the self control to stop our negative thought patterns, psychology has its roots in 100% solid evil. To treat "hysteria", a made up disease with a "symptom" of not wanting to have sex, a disease which does not "exist" anymore, doctor's actually invented the dildo and caused forced over stimulation orgasms in married women. Psychology is not science. It has been responsible for thousands of deaths through experimental lobotomy. Please Research.

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    I've had this view for a long time myself (I am 20 now) and have learned that there is a deeper level of understanding to be gained. Moving towards a solution isn't always the answer. You see, what will always work is treating the systems.Understanding a problem at it's core, whether it came from the unsconscious mind or wherever and then working to recondition those things that have caused the problem is an entirely different thing.And read up on Socrates.

  20. Zalzyn at | | Reply

    Well, the arrogance of a foolish mind. Do not condemn youth as a whole over your bad experiences to stay in your comfort zone.I am a 20 year old.

  21. 1981z28camaro at | | Reply

    I know under certain circumstances when it would be inappropriate to do something, but the very thought about how it would be inappropriate to do that, makes me do it. Yet they would see it differently. Sometimes I think "It wouldn't be good if I smiled right now" and then I fucking smile, I don't know why. as far as I'm concerned a thought about something can manifest it whether or not you would have done it under certain circumstances, just the thought of how bad it would be.

  22. ColeRobinson93 at | | Reply

    Dude, we don't think we're geniuses... Our goal isn't to be bias or fit our agenda. It's to give appropriate treatment to solve all manor of problems be them neurotic, cognitive, behavioral etc. Our only goal (as a clinical psychologist) is to help people get back into organized thought process' and to help them get on with their lives, and get over the things that are bothering them. Your assumptions are natural, but unjustified. Learn more before you preach. Ignorance isn't the way forward.

  23. Charles Chesterfield at | | Reply

    My original and scholarly research has rendered this entire field redundant. In face, entire fields of physics are redundant thanks to my insights. You clearly have anger and sexual issues, as well as affective-didactic disturbances. However, I fear you are beyond even my help. Oh and I am a genius. My NJ90 levels are far beyond 7uy.

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    @Charles Chesterfield Ive never heard a more arrogant person...

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    it's a joke dude 😛

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